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A telecosmic world

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

The social networks are becoming more and more popular as people put increasing value there: added functions, offerings, more people coming in, greater ease of use etc.

It started as a private matter, but increasingly companies are seeing the benefits of socializing with colleagues, customers and suppliers. Company-specific systems are being introduced all over, with possibilities of linking into other networks too. There are many challenges of openness, security etc., but the basic trend is clear: use is spreading.

Wikipedia now lists more than 100 social networks with Facebook as the biggest with 350 mill. users and several others have more than 10 mill. users.

The idea of linking everybody to each other through a telecosmic net is growing. This appears to be socially useful and fun, and businesses are catching the idea as well.

The film Avatar has opened many themes for discussion, and one of them is the communication between all living things – man, animals, plants – in a telecosmic net. It is jumping ahead a bit , but maybe we are moving in that direction?

Are the new media already here?

Monday, April 27th, 2009

The media world is new – already. We now have a number of methods of communication, and news are increasingly instantly available globally. The old model of big newspaper houses and news agencies are gone/going and papers are disappearing too. New channels are surging, and it has to do with people´s content coming up. Social media are on the rise, and are added to business strategies of marketing, innovation etc. This surely must be creative destruction?

It is all about traffic to the sites and some wise media houses are in there too: The Economist, FT, NYT, WSJ… The people´s choice is what counts, and that is being globalized as well.
The questions arising are about future openness of media, splitting up what used to be collected in the papers into new channels, more instant and short communication, and the business and social use we make of all this. Communities seems to be a buzzword, with followers and popularity barometers close by.
Depth and quality of information is a theme almost forgotten, but surely there must be a place for deeply informed and knowledgeable people? This also goes for investigative and courageous journalism.
A challenge is making use of the instantly available information – to disseminate it and and make it into a whole again.
And one big question: How to turn new media into revenue by establishing sensible business models? More creative destruction will come, also called innovation of new business models.