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The schools of the future – it’ll be part of your life!

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Schools of the future will be great – and education will be a life-lasting part of your life. Imagine: you will never finish school and you will love it.

Established societies everywhere make curriculi that they want children to learn in schools. Children are taught basic skills and given a lot of knowledge in many areas. This is supposed to last for a lifetime. At universities you are taught more open techniques so that you can find out for yourself, specialize, do independent thinking, be a creative force if you want to and have the abilities. But increasingly we realize that knowledge of all kinds is constantly evolving, finding new forms and surprises.

Educational systems are constantly developing and new directions are sought all the time. The places where teaching takes place, the equipment, teachers qualifications, the length of education, the skills …..

New elements are now being pondered and also used: new open designs for locations, networking, communication skills, search techniques, project work, business ventures as part of  schools, participative thinking, more  languages to be taught, part time teachers from the professions, more weight on the creative side of arts and performances, seamless progression from schools to more advanced learning and then into a career or job.

And then you will have the possibility to do more: to refresh knowledge, to change your path, to find  business partners through education projects, to do specific subjects that you need for your next business venture or performing career, to do a general refreshment course, to learn more languages or whatever you need.

We will see adult education and human resource management on a societal level. New approaches may be needed, and we need to build understanding of good processes – some transformative thinking could be useful.

The approach should be practical – you learn as you do, you turn knowing into doing. The approach must be widened as education is about the future, about sustainability.

Learning will part of your life from you are little and to the end of your life – if you want to – and it will improve your life. The thinking is evolving, so are the institutions, the teachers, society, the business world.

It is all yours!