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The future of ownership – and our future

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

We are moving in the wrong direction, and it is serious – we will all soon be disowned, maybe own a few small things, but nothing substantial.

Everything is increasingly being owned by others, the select few – we have maybe a situation where 10% of the people own 90% of all values, and we are approaching a 1% and 99% situation.

You are not scared, you do not feel the heat? Maybe not, but your children will, and it will not make them happy.

The states, the big companies, the big banks, the financiers will soon own all there is – the property, money, resources. Several banks have looked into this – the numbers are not fully precise – but it seems that at present 1-2% of the people own 80-90% of everything.

This means that 98-99% of us have to make do with 10-20 % of everything. The owners will also decide how things are going to be done – large scale, efficient, dehumanized, no room for the little and independent ones, you will be kept out. You will have a nice place to live, a cottage maybe, cars, boats, many small things, enough money to do many things and that will be all. Your economic power will be near zero, politics will be an illusion. You must work all the time, to get by and earn a state pension for your old age.

How has this come about? What have we and our politicians done or not done to let this happen? Are the continuous financial crises we are having part of  this process? When we lose somebody stands to gain?

The effect of this fantastic concentration of wealth is that soon we are all wage earners or living off the state owning precious little, with no economic clout, no choices, no alternatives. We become vulnerable and wholly dependent upon others. The owners of everything will rule us.

The changes that must come are obvious – we must take back what is ours or democracy will just be a past notion.