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Noisy environment is polluted environment

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Lots of people are bothered by noise: in cities, from planes, factories, railways, traffic – there are quite a few sources. Road traffic is the main culprit.

Most countries now have regulations so that noise levels are supposed to be kept acceptable. Noise level is measured by Lekv which is the average noise level measured over one half hour. The WHO has recommendations. A noise level of 50 Lekv gives health risks, 60 Lekv and above is increasingly dangerous to public health. The consequences of noise are reduced sleep and risk of heart conditions. Researchers in the EU has found increased deaths from heart diseases when noise levels are above 58 Lekv. Death numbers of 60-100 per year have been estimated in little Norway alone.

The work to reduce noise is slipping up in most places. Noise reduction is very expensive, and cities and munis are avoiding these costs.

Cars are noise machines – also when they are standing still.

Noise control is part of environmental policy and can not be forgotten. People are dying from it, many are unhappy because of it. So let us not forget – global warming is not the sole environmental cause.

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