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Renewal of music or world music

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Music is an important part of our lives: Exciting, relaxing, challenging, interesting, technical, new, move your body, dance, varied…….

Musical form is locked into systems of tonality. Classical western music and classical eastern music, folk music all show huge differences. But we mostly keep to our own kind of music – what we have been conditioned to like.

The scales we know and use as normal could be different if we chose to and liked to. Playing and singing limits us to a scale system and a physical layout system that is given. Do you ever think about using another system of tonality: other pitches, harmony, a different view of dissonance…..

Many people in the western world have tried new ways – Schoenberg, Valen, Bartok ….. with some success. The wide acceptance is still lacking. Popmusic is still the same with little new. Our music is mostly closed into a tempered system – that is what we accept and use.

Breaking this system up and introducing new (allowed) scales and new ways of playing and singing could be a good idea for both pop and classical music. Some would consider it playing false and impossible to like. But new creativity could follow with new thinking and tonality.

Today’s technology makes new tonality possible in new ways. Computers can assist your creativity in making music, but while playing most people still prefer the old instruments, but a change could be coming if we like what we may hear. Increasing globalization leads us into other music worlds that are fun, interesting and adaptable.

The technicalities of scales and tonality are developing, the standard of singing and playing is high and our ears can hear it. But our minds need conditioning and music that we can deem good.

Loosen up the music and thrilling stuff could ensue for us all. Unlock the potential by finding a new mindset – start looking for yourself – there is already somebody out there doing likable and original stuff.

What about microtonality – notes with less than a halfnote between them. Folk music has used it for a long time – it’s all about perception and what you can get used to.

Heard any noise artists lately?