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A telecosmic world

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

The social networks are becoming more and more popular as people put increasing value there: added functions, offerings, more people coming in, greater ease of use etc.

It started as a private matter, but increasingly companies are seeing the benefits of socializing with colleagues, customers and suppliers. Company-specific systems are being introduced all over, with possibilities of linking into other networks too. There are many challenges of openness, security etc., but the basic trend is clear: use is spreading.

Wikipedia now lists more than 100 social networks with Facebook as the biggest with 350 mill. users and several others have more than 10 mill. users.

The idea of linking everybody to each other through a telecosmic net is growing. This appears to be socially useful and fun, and businesses are catching the idea as well.

The film Avatar has opened many themes for discussion, and one of them is the communication between all living things – man, animals, plants – in a telecosmic net. It is jumping ahead a bit , but maybe we are moving in that direction?