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Integrated environmentalism

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

The natural sciences side of environmentalism has been strongly focused. A trend of wholeness and societal environmentalism is now gaining force. Factors of economics, law, society, politics, art, cooperation, risk handling, etc. are now being considered, and research programs are being established. New research teams are being established with people from several different areas contributing.
Technological efficiency is not enough, our everyday use of the new environmentalism must also be good. If possible we want to keep up the good life! Traditional thinking is changing as we go towards new levels of development.

Urban design with new aspects

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Singapore may be seen as gallery of architecture and urban design. In the last 40 years architects in Singapore has expressed the ambitions of a nation and demonstrated works of quality. The exhibition “Singapore 1:1 – City” presents a selection of these works.

Suntec City is Singapore’s largest integrated commercial development and the biggest monument to Feng Shui in Singapore. It is designed as a city within a city. Suntec City is an architectural manifestation of a ‘left-hand’ structure with modern concepts, geomancy elements and the world’s largest fountain, the Fountain of Wealth. It has been said that it is a shopping mall designed as a living room, also integrating people and vehicles, including the tube. (The biggest shopping mall is Vivo City)

In Bangkok The Lai Nert Park Hotel is designed as a city in a city, but gives peace and tranquility via the garden and the canal.

Feng Shui: