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Engineering the Earth (and governing it too)

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Technically we could manipulate the Earth to control the climate by controlling solar radiation, increase CO2 absorption by engineering solutions.

We could remove CO2 directly from the air, inject particles into the atmosphere to change the cloud colors, do enhanced weathering like making stones/earth absorb more CO2, fertilize the seas to increase CO2 absorption, provoke volcanic eruptions, put solar reflectors into space, plant massive forests….

Lots of research is advised, as well as debates about the chances of improving or damaging the Earth. It appears we do not know what the processes are and we could risk creating unbalances far removed from the matter of CO2.

The ethics of this is formidable: Who will be in charge of controlling the Earth’s climate? This can not be left to private companies. Do we see a world government coming up?

First of all we have to agree that the CO2 problem is real. Is this just a ploy to get funding for research?