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Crystallizing the public mind

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

It has been said that no word has been so twisted as the word propaganda. The overtones are negative, but it still is practiced massively and at an advanced level in the modern world. It is a potent tool and it works well.

Propaganda is imperceptible, it is anonymous, it is clever, it is continuous, sometimes it is blatant, it has many forms – more than you can imagine, it is common, it is steadfast, if you expose it it changes its form – it is called public relations or publicity or advertising, but it is propaganda and it is directed at you personally in order to make you have certain desired attitudes. It is also directed at everybody else so that in sum it is making you behave like most other people. Propaganda makes you one of the masses, your mind has been crystallized into what the instigator of propaganda has intended.

Propaganda has become somewhat tainted as a concept and the modern words that are used are public relations or even information practices. But whatever the dress, it is wolf all the same so let propaganda be the name.

The definition of propaganda is not precise – it can be many things. It has to do with psychological action, education, public and human relations, but ends up by making you and the masses conform.

Mr. Bernays from the US is one of the fathers of public relations. He talks about crystallizing the public mind so that people think alike, and there is no confusion in society about what to do. Mr. Bernays has also written a book called Propaganda.

Mr. Ellul from France has written extensively on propaganda or the formation of men’s attitudes.

There is no doubt about it: We are all the aim of propaganda. It has been used consciously for centuries. The Germans had a propaganda ministry during WWII . The Turks or Osmans used advanced processes to overtake others including information that they would be taken and continuously playing janissar music until a military victory was achieved. Many governments, companies, organisations, individuals have been and are using propaganda to form opinion, to help us understand better what it is all about, and to do the right things.

Propaganda is probably first and foremost a sociological thing, it is not really about each one of us at all, it is about forming the decisions we collectively take. At the same time the propagandist must not forget the individual. Modern propaganda is therefore a complex powerful force and there is normally not much you can do to resist the impulses created.

If you want to find out what it is about, how you can resist it you must be very alert and determined and work hard. Propaganda is often soft and slippery and will lure your mind.

In a democratic society conscious and intelligent manipulation of what we usually do is done all the time. People we don’t see or have ever heard of are working to govern us, mould our minds, form our tastes, suggest ideas, show us effects. Many people are making a living rom propaganda.

The propagandist say that propaganda is required if society shall function well. The public mind must be focused or things will fall apart they say.

The propagandists see themselves as the key people of society, a small number of people placing themselves above us. These people understand us so well that they can guide us in the direction they want. Force is no use, elegance does it.

The plurality and diversity of society is slowly taken from us as propaganda fosters only one mindset, one way that is desirable, all others are suspect with negative connotations. The big issues are chosen for us and they are high-spotted so there is no doubt. Our minds are continuously targeted on behalf of policies, products and ideas.

Behind it all is competition in all its forms, the few are allowed to win by their competitive strengths which are capital, leadership and aggressiveness.

The results are widespread manipulation, use of huge personal egos and massive activity of all kinds – shows, competitions, advertising, stars, gifts….

Some say propaganda is indeed invisible government. Its technical means are well developed and they will get us all into the mindset of a few but big choices. Ideas are touted persistently and the technological society makes it possible. A common design is made for us, the possibility of global oneness is there with huge winnings made possible. Technologically we are developing fantastically and we are surely moving.

The themes of propaganda are racial, religious, social, political, sex, economical and the advantage of a coordination is obvious. The propagandist want an organized coordination of all things resulting in a group mindset and simplified mass thinking.

Yes you have seen it coming: We are being massively manipulated, and the means used are comprehensive, artful, knowledgeable – the media, the advertising, movies, activities of many kinds.

It is all really about power and domination, social issues, money. We are being used by others and we behave as if we like it. Our lives are shaped by others.

It could be otherwise – your life could be your own, made by you yourself. Don’t think or worry about propaganda, think deeply about yourself, choose and decide it all yourself, move in your own direction, be a creator of diversity.