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Global environmental law – Environmental impact assessment EIA

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

About 100 countries have taken EIA rules into their national laws.

International law is developing: Nations are now working to formulate agreements containing mechanisms to improve the climate of the world. We therefore need a set of conventions or rules to measure actions and processes against. We must accept the consequences in the practical work in participating countries, also considering the overall dimension.

The changes in climate are of many kinds, and a common time-line in which to measure climate parameters is about 30 years. Predicted impacts arising from evaluations of climate models must be part of the system.

The environmental standards are now also being developed: temperature changes, CO2 numbers, acidity, energy forms etc.

There is a huge challenge here: how to make the overall processes and in each country transparent, get cooperation going, agreeing on the numbers and their significance and achieving compliance.

International and national governing bodies must be developed/set up to achieve good coordination and ultimately enforcement of agreements.

We are moving forward – slowly – these matters are complex – we need time to consider before we decide!