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Give all laptops to learn and share

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

One Laptop Per Child: The OLPC project is evolving.

The low cost – about USD 100 – machine is given to children of ages 6-12 in elementary schools in less developed countries to help educate them for a better future. It is connected to the net to make a digital learning and teaching environment. Everybody in an environment must have it – everybody must share and be part of the common experience.

Among projects in progress: Rwanda aims to give more than 1 mill. children the laptop, costs of about USD 300 mill. A technological development to change the country in many ways is hoped for: better education for all, companies hiring better educated people, later more advanced laptops, connection to e-environments, digital government a.o.

One Laptop per Child non-profit organization: Nicholas Negroponte founder and chairman, MIT Media Laboratory.