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Event culture + local culture

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

The number of large, sometimes major, arrangements is rising in most countries. It seems we increasingly attend the big events with lots of people, promotion, sponsors, product placements and media interest. The local hall is big – with room for a minimum of thousands of spectators/listeners.

The money isĀ  going into the big professional all-consuming arrangements that are mostly of very high quality. The artists are mostly world stars covering the planet.

Some people are worried that the small day to day cultural activities like playing music, reading, local debates or football matches, concerts, painting exhibitions etc. are dwindling.

Maybe there can be too much of a good thing? There is a duality and a long term to consider. The grassroots must be there in any country, talent must grow and special interests must be present. Adaptation and innovation is the key.

The number of big venues are steadily increasing, the professionalism is great, equipment is good, local talent will get a part. All of this bodes well for all!

Why not make local culture, small-scale your way to pull people to your place? Put your place on the map, change the environment to the better, create new arenas for performance and use old arenas in new ways, make local people participate (free?), become part of a good thing, introduce better local planning —.

See? Maybe you can become big one day?