Developing a sense of nature

Environmental thinking is developing nicely, although good environmetal practices are somewhat lacking in many places.

The look of a landscape should be part of environmentalism – especially where humans have made changes.

Landscapes could be opened up for transport, building, viewing, business, leisure but increasing care must be taken to ensure that nature is part of our considerations – that we develop a sense of nature.

Beautiful scenery can be combined with human activity, landscaping can add new dimensions to roads, bridges, tunnels etc. to make an integrated solution as regards what nature made and what man made.

Agricultural areas, waterways, roads, railroads could all be designed so that they are in harmony with forests, mountains, rivers etc. in a holistic picture.

The next ambition could be to design urban spaces, agricultural areas and even industrial areas with a view to beauty and integration with nature.

Landscaping can add new dimensions to nature, nature can enhance manmade structures.

See also: ” MAD is a Beijing-based design office dedicated to innovation in architectural practice, landscape design and urban planning. MAD develops its unique concept of futurism through a persistent investigation of the symbiotic potentials amid nature and technology. MAD aspires to design in close harmony with nature, offering people the freedom to develop independent urban experiences.”

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