Restoring the natural environment

An opencast gold mine in Nevada is a huge pit, an iron ore production facility in the Australian West where mountains are removed, a weapons testing and shooting range in Norway, producing oil from tar sands in Canada, chopping down rain-forests in many places: We do massive damage to nature resulting in problems of many kinds – visual catastrophes and environmental scandals.

Restoring what is destroyed is now a requirement – a wider view is needed.

And we go further: Now an extended view is advocated. Research and management should also cover free areas of nature, regulate them, look at limits to the spread of urbanity, coordinate animal husbandry and hunting, make sure rivers are clean, forests grow, take old cultures and thinking into account, see to it that biodiversity exists, old local plants are used and ask people to moving about to respect nature.

See links:

Mountain Fox – part of a project to reestablish the fox in Southern Norway.

Best of all – do not disturb nature in the first place.

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