Electric cars: need big volume and hitec

The thinking and practice of building electric cars is coming round.

Many companies are producing electric cars now, but the numbers are low and the technology is first generation. The total numbers of cars are in the thousands, we need millions to make an impact.

The producers can all see what is coming, and in the EU a project called E3Car has been started. It is big, with many participants, it is funded from many sources. Companies Infineon and Valeo are in charge.

Quote: “E3Car Project Objective is the development of nanoelectronics technologies, devices, circuits architectures and modules for electrical and hybrid vehicles and demonstration of these modules in final systems. Focus on component design, circuit architecture concepts and semiconductor technology developments.”

Industrialization is coming: high volumes, better components all around, longer range, faster charging, better energy efficiency, wider range of cars and more. And cheaper too?

This is the Europeans doing their bit, and the others -  Japanese, US, Korean etc.-  are coming. An Indian company is producing a car in Norway.

See link:     E3CAR

Good thinking and soon we’ll see fine work – surely!

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