Breakthrough for Bollywood in the West

American films are it – or so far they have been. But now things are changing – maybe. There have been many Eastern/Indian films in the West – perhaps best known lately is “Slumdog Millionaire”.

Now a new movie – big movie – called “My name is Khan” is coming to Berlin and the rest of us. Action, a controlled plot and suspense is not important here – the story is driven by fate or something like that. Nature, music, sweetness and Shah Rukh Khan is the star. Muslim and hindu cultures are part of the production. More will follow – changes are afoot – Bollywood is joining Hollywood on the world stage.

Also take into account Nollywood which is the Nigerian filmindustry’s called name in Lagos. They produce in English, on DVD, and they make about 200 movies per month about love, revenge, politics. Coming to a place near you soon?

When will Chollywood (Chinese) emerge?

New horizons are opening up – good!


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