Curing the the climate

The Norwegian government is planning to cure the climate – a fresh climate is coming – CO2 emissions shall be reduced massively. The project is named “Klimakur 2020″.

A group is working on the numbers: what is the cost? They have been working on this for 2 years and now will publish shortly: Dramatic costs are expected!

This year is for broad evaluation – next year is for the big decisions. A menu of ideas and possibilities will be presented with costs calculated for each item.

The politicians of all parties have agreed to tackle this matter comprehensively: energy efficiency, electrification, a programme for the big emitters, household emissions, transport, CCS, facing up to shipping, air transport, agriculture.

Everybody is scared of the costs – will they be so scary that we don’t dare do a thing? Like Peer Gynt said: “Think about it, talk about it, but do it?”

In the meantime – will new information be presented by the IPCC? Must we do this exercise or have we been led astray?

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