The world’s energy – a revolution is coming

Numbers are coming up from many places: The world has abundant energy – lots and lots!

We have winds that sustainably, easily and permanently can deliver a large percentage of what we need, we have the sun that is shining energetically on us and can supply many times our needs for all time, we have geothermal power that can deliver for all as long as we want, we can grow plants to make oils, we have the waves, the high and low seas, hydroelectric power, the temperature differences in air and sea, and we have more…..

Nuclear energy is getting attention – big projects in Arabia, US government guarantees for US projects, new thorium technology waiting in the wings, new players (Korea) emerging – this will be big.

87% of the world’s energy use today is fossils – and the world lacks energy supplies in parts of the world  – how is this possible?

Why not go into this properly? Why bother with carbonbased fuels at all? They are not sustainable and cause all sorts of pollution – and the end is coming.

Energy requirements will quadruple this century – no problem – lets use what we already have.

Let the transition start! Now!

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