The technology: What must we do to improve the climate?

Technological changes are needed to reduce emission. We must also change our ways of doing things. 

Large investments are required to achieve this, and there will be conflicts  of interest concerning economics, people will be annoyed when they have to change their long accustomed ways.

Buildings should be made energy passive – requiring no heating, there should be a definite cost added to emission of climate gases, emission reducing measures should be subidized (initially?), feed-in tariffs should be introduced, green certificates should be used. 

To pollute will cost you: The principle of polluter pays will eventually be introduced for all activity, including on the personal level. For this system to work we must provide sustainable alternatives.

Large scale research and innovation projects should be established, partly through government financing. Common acceptance has to be reached to be sucessful, nationally as well as among nations.

The technology of climate change is technically complex, and full of zealotry and taboos. 

Some solutions, ex. fuel cells, are not coming good yet, and others are entering the arena, ex. geo-engineering. Whatever is required – be reasonable and let the various researchers do their job!

In Norway we can reduce CO2 emissions by removing oil burners in homes, electrify the Norwegian offshore sector and by using more electricity in the transport sector.

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