Research into how to avoid cancer

The research into cancer is huge and the commercial cancer business is big. Cancer survival rates are improving in most places. Still cancer numbers are growing: In a short time it will be the biggest disease of all. Therefore it will also be one of the biggest businesses – research and commercial sales – of all.

The explanations forwarded as to the causes are related to lifestyle, exercise, diet, a number of risk factors like smoking, living in a city, using a mobile phone, etc. You can maybe reduce your chances of getting cancer by adding vitamins, oils, delay your sexual debut some years, have a slim body etc. 60% of all cancers are found in people over 65 years of age. Research into the DNA of cancers is in the works: we want to map the DNA of all cancers. We vaccinate against cervical cancers (viral).

The business of curing cancer also seems to be locked up by the approved methods, and extreme costs by introducing alternatives for approval. There is an alternative industry claiming to heal people, but that is barely visible in the mainstream media, and documentation is slight.

It is all rather confusing and it seems nobody – in the whole world – knows what is going on.

This is rather amazing: Why is there so little interest – in the whole world – in finding out what cancer really is and what starts it? Is it caused by carcinogens and risk factors gradually or suddenly breaking down your DNA? Is it an infection? Is it caused by fungi? Is it viral? Are cancers many different diseases?

Surely this can be found out – if we want to. Or have we introduced “brakes” that will not let us? Truly independent scientists can find the answer to this.

It must be possible to tell people in a simple manner how to avoid cancer!

A number of research projects should be formulated to find the answers – and financed too.

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