Why are we not afraid of the climate changes?

The climate changes can´t be serious since nobody is doing anything! The changes are not real or not dangerous. This seems to be confirmed by politicians that do nothing.

Politicians and bureaucrats feel that they are well informed by the researchers of various kinds and accept the facts that are published.

Governments now need projects that changes the situation for the better and are clearly visible and attack the real problem. Air traffic emits 2-3 % of Norwegian emissions, and would therefore not be the right place to start.

Impressions linger that nothing is correct and is reinforced by discussions that never are concluded.

Media are  adding further to the confusion by systematically dramatizing incidents and forgetting the long term view.

People need facts with authority! These facts have to be transformed into rules for practices so that improvements are gradually – or quickly if necessary -  put into effect. These rules must be made and enforced by bureaucrats of diverse kinds.

Politicians and the public must together seek out the truth from the researchers and see to it that the necessary actions are taken! Remember politicians are mere humans like the rest of us.

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