The 5th. step

The 5th level is the preliminary name that has given the form of society that follows after the materialistic societies we see in most developed countries of the world today. Developing these societies further along the same lines has led to the rise of many questions: sustainability, motivation, conflict level, inequality and poverty, increasing knowledge, loss of faith.

More of the same is probably not a sensible future development. Improved material living standard can not be the aim forever. We need a shift – a new paradigm.

Many countries are still poor in materialistic terms and will undoubtedly try to achieve good materialistic standards in the near future. These processes should be supported by all – poverty in the world should be unacceptable!

Visions for the future of society have to have a broad foundation initially. There have been many attempts at formulating new visions – Utopia, Marx, 1000 year society, capitalism, anarchism. These are often presented as a correction to present models.

A new model must contain elements from several places: The scientific world where we make positive use of what we know, the emotional world where feelings and experiences will be used in communication with others and to energize us, the rational world where reasoning, use of sensible practices are important.

The new model should  be a global one – to benefit all

A new view of  the self is an important part of  the future – we want to be free and at the same time contribute to society.

(More to follow….)

Ref. Dag Andersen: Det 5. trinn, Flux Forlag

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