The Acid Ocean

The next consequence of supposedly increased CO2 content in the air is acidification of the oceans.

Again there is complete disagreement among scientists – the next fraud or the complete truth? What is going on?

IPCC says that pH of the seas has decreased a in few places by 0.1 making the way for an acid ocean.

Tom V. Segalstad: This is not dramatic as the natural pH of the seas varies between 7.8 and 8.5 depending on temperature and prevailing currents. Further the oceans have an unlimited buffer capacity, and the oceans are playing a vital role in stabilizing conditions for organic life on the Earth.

Gary Novak: Acid in the Oceans Fraud – the pH of the oceans is 8.1, which is alkaline, and there has been no measured acidification. Scientists have no method available to survey ocean acidity, as Argo does for temperature, yet they recently claimed oceans are becoming more acidic. They measured acidity in a few estuaries to come up with that fraud.

Scientific American also has an article about ocean acidity – drawing comments about scientific bullshit!

What are we to believe? Sound scepticism must be appropriate now!

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