A capsule in your body is talking to you!

Smart pills are coming up faster than most people expected. The drugs you take can now communicate with you as they do their job.

Several companies (Philips, Novartis etc..) and research institutions are now coming forward with pills that can send data to you, your doctor or even your wife. The data can be sent to a mobile phone or to your PC.

These  pills have a tiny microchip that reacts with the fluids in your intestines, becoming activated and sending messages to another chip somewhere on your body that can transmit messages to the people treating you.

May be later you or your doctor can talk back – ejecting it, asking it to release more medicine, shutting it off for a while. Monitoring, dosage, performing tests can all be done. Swallow a pill, let it start, pick up your phone and let your doctor check if you have the flu (or whatever).

Will you be using such a pill voluntarily or will you need incentives? You must make up your mind- these pills are coming to you too – soon. And big business for the suppliers too.

The sceptics are saying that these chips are the frontrunners of RFID chips that can track you?

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  1. Worker says:

    Where are you from? Is it a secret? :)

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