Innovation is always there, but takes a rest now and then

Innovation is the salt of the Earth, and human imagination and ingenuity has made incredible deeds over the centuries. New technology is useful, and will be adopted gradually, but innovation or invention is the best and often gives the big leap forward.

Technology moves ahead as people search and test and build, uncovering hidden truths. Innovation moves ahead as people think anew, find new ways, surprise others, make new combinationsstructures and uses. Sometimes it is called invention too.

Innovation sometimes seems to stop, but that will not be for long. Human creativity and ingenuity always come back to lead us on.

Therefore be patient as somebody will to your surprise soon amaze you.

Things may be changing too. The traditional supremacy of the West and Japan may be taken over by China and others. China was a great innovator once and can be so again.

Technology, invention and innovation all hang together, but for companies there must be a business model in there. A number of factors must be well done for you to succeed as an innovator.

Innovation is the result of hard work, well planned and executed and is no happening. The components and operation of a best practice innovation management system can be as follows:

  • Specification of the segment of customers a company wants to offer value to.
  • Overall view of a company’s bundle of products and services that are of value to the customer.
  • Values you are contributing to: ecological, working conditions, pollution, etc.
  • Choice of distribution channels or how to get in touch with the customer.
  • The kind of link a company establishes between itself and the customer (customer relations)
  • The arrangement of activities and resources that are necessary to create value for the customer.
  • The resources that can be deployed by the firm to create value for the customer including the basis for the company’s competitive advantage
  • Evaluation of networks / partnerships / cooperative agreements with other companies in order to create value for the customer
  • Cost structure – the means employed in the business model.
  • Intellectual Property Rights IPR are also deemed important as a source of revenue.
  • Efficiency in details and systems could also be part of the work.
  • Incomes: state how to make money through a variety of revenue flows.

To get the right ideas coming up you have to inspire and organize a flow of suggestions as to what can be done. Do not suppress any ideas, even if it is not used directly it can be developed and also inspire new ideas.
So therefore find, start or get hold of:

  • Suggestions from all parts of the organization and membership from all parts of the organisation
  • External proposals from customers, suppliers, interested parties, whoever. Maybe have a blog?
  • Innovation groups for discussions and workshops, maybe with external participants
  • Innovation function in the organisation/office handling the suggestions
  • Corporate/company head of innovation
  • Innovation meetings structure for sorting, preparing and pre-development of ideas
  • Development of innovation suggestions, decisions
  • Presenting the chosen suggestions
  • Project establishment follows thereafter. All innovations must be established as a separate project to be successful!

Some documents are needed to manage the process:

  • An Innovation Strategy aligned with and driven by the larger organisational strategic objectives
  • An Innovation Program listing all innovation projects that are intended to be commenced over the coming period
  • An Innovation Plan outlining all the ongoing or imminent innovation projects over the present budget year including evaluations and suggestions for corrective actions
  • An Annual Evaluation of the outcomes of the innovation projects including financial outcomes.

There it is, or your adaptation of that.

surely to be good at innovation you must have an innovation system, so your attention is focused in a certain way and supported by management techniques.

You must accept all ideas that fit with your intentions, strategy as innovation must be in the proximity of the world you have made for your company. Alternatively you must start a new company.

You must be prepared to fail many times. you must always take in unexpected inputs from all over the place, most good things are bottom up or inside in. You must make room for halfbaked ideas and apparent sillyness, you must be able to grow ideas and supplement them.

Forget history – innovation is not there.You are looking for the hitherto unseen. you must also find the right place and time.

Test and test, be smallscale and see what happens. Be incredibly patient, keep a burning desire going, persevere, drop it but don’t leave it, and try something else. They say that 300 ideas give one success.

An established organisation does not like innovation as it breaks all the established routines, it scares people, they’d rather not have it.

When you deem an idea good and decide to develop it, you must establish a proper project with a link to your strategy, proper connection to management, a good project with fine funding, a fair timeline. You must run the line fully out and do a properdevelopment and marketing etc. If it comes to nothing, fold it, try another, and keep them all on your list.

Stick to your methods, let your organisation see what you do and feel your determination, allow input spesifically to projects, keep disipline tight on operations and loose derogatory talk, let them all learn, keep developing your methods.

Innovation is a game of ideas, not always very coherent, intelligent or calm, but keep it going, check what you have, see when you can use it.

Creativity is what is about, letting it grow, letting it survive, not killing any thing.

Drama, creating differences, non-conventionality, stopping and starting, rolling out projects, disappointment, elation. It becomes a lifestyle, you live with it always.

Conclusion is that you arrange a methodical, conscious, loose approach – you must combine all – and you may, well, perhaps succeed.

What will the next big thing be – yours? Keep trying, man.

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