The erosion of personality and the slavery of money

We live in a culture where working for others is a requirement, a necessity and what we all do. What you do every day is make things or perform services for others. Nothing of what you do is for yourself. You serve others in order  to survive.

Everything you need you buy from others like you. To be able to do that you must have paid work.

Division of labour and efficiency criteria are pushing this culture further along all the time. We have lost track of the origin of money, what we really need and the money system has led our society into a straitjacket.

There is use of money, constant competition for everything, there is constant change in all areas. High activity is good, and growth is good.

You have to work for a boss, make him happy or you have to have customers that you must make happy.

This is reinforced by investors and others wanting to make a profit that is as big as possible. You are pressured and enticed into working more, you get more money, and the owners get more money.

If you do not make them happy you do not get any money. You are living under a force.

This system reduces quality of life to nothing, most people are not deeply happy. You become totally dependent upon money, all your needs are material, all you do is centered around money. You gradually become driven to do more, everything hinges on money that you must have. This goes on and on and never stops.

This is a perfect system of slavery, and you have become a slave. Gradually you realise this, but since the rewards are satisfactory and the release mechanism is hidden you accept it.

When you have money you can get whatever you want. So to lessen your spiritual pain you try to do just that and you go for it. All people will do whatever is wanted if the money is good enough, and the same goes for you. We all work for the people with money that are our masters, and we are masters also.

The forces and pressures start to build and you must compete, surpass and outshine others. The values controlling the system is competition, greed, smartness and all of them bring you money if you succeed. Many will not succeed.

The result is an erosion of personality as you lose yourself and your ability to do what pleases you most times. You have masters telling you their wishes and you must do what they say or the money stops. Money is the real boss, your master.

As operations get more and more efficient, there will be fewer and fewer jobs. The future is jobless, you are not needed. This is the systematic error of it all.

Community is nearly impossible in a highly monetized society like our own.

This is because community is woven from gifts and free services going back and forth, which is ultimately why people without money have stronger communities than we have.

With us if you are financially independent you don’t depend on your neighbours or any other specific person for anything. You can just pay somebody and they will do it for you.

In the long run and if you start to think about it you see what happens to you. Your personality suffers, you are locked in a system and the way out is hard to find. Society suffers to.

In a good world you work for yourself and your nearest, decide what to do yourself, make what you and others near you need which will make you deeply satisfied, and spend the rest of the time pursuing activities that make you happier still.

But we can not go back anymore, the system is good as it bring abundance so the ties to money are here to stay they say. Or is there really a better way? Things are stirring in peoples minds now for better solutions, for value creation and no money-mongering. New systems, new methods like bitcoin, green dollars are in the works…

If there is ample will in you this situation can be changed. You can regain your personality as you reduce your dependence upon money. The importance of this question is growing fast, the spirit is rising.

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