The concept of public opinion is false

Our societies are all said to hold a common opinion – a public opinion.

Such an opinion can only be expressed through a channel or medium. Channels in our society are few, they are called media and they are all controlled by a few. The messages in these channels are presented as public opinion. Remember that the the controllers of the channels use the available channels consciously for their own ends.

Therefore there is not a collective opinion, common opinion or public opinion because all opinions are made by a few. To find the public opinion one would have to search widely to find if there indeed is a common opinion.

The controllers of channels can however state that what they say is public opinion, so that most people are behind said opinion.

Since channels are so few protests against these statements issued as public opinion are futile. You are not allowed into the channel to state your view and nobody else is either. If your views are contrary to those of the controllers they simply keep you out, and so what they say is public opinion stands. If you insist or try to force your opinion into a channel you will see all kinds of trouble.

Bear in mind that people are very sympathetic to the concept of public opinion. People wish to identify themselves with others, people want to be part of a wholeness and to belong. If the controllers of channels are wise, timely and clever they create messages that include you and make you part of a wholeness – your opinion is identical with public opinion. These messages are factual, contextual and have a form that is hard to refute. They are usually part of a concept the controllers of channels want to promote. They are often so complex that individuals  lose interest and accept what is presented. This goes on over long periods of time.

The forming of a wholeness that the individual can see is essential as this makes him belong and at the same time makes him think of himself as worthy and by holding these public opinions he is seen as worthy in the eyes of others. The technique of high-spotting is common in these contexts.

This means that the controllers of channels can form your behaviour and your decisions. Your activity becomes the same as that of many others. You are not aware of it, but what you think and do has become what many others do. The initial feeling is that of comfort – you are included among many good people.

The techniques used are those of propaganda and the tool is mass media communication.

The ethics and morals of propaganda are left to all to judge, but no one is coerced into following the propaganda. The process can be seen if you are alert, clever and conscious and at all interested, then you can see that manipulation is intended.

There is little doubt that propaganda is used extensively in our societies and that we as individuals are reduced to creatures of the masses – we are all one of the masses and we all mostly do what the masses do which is the same the masters of the channels want. For most people the reward and pickings  of following the propaganda are seemingly rich: you belong, you participate, you have a good standard of living. Is there more?

Yes there is and we should all start to think deeper than we do today. This is slavery, you have to work more than 40 hours a week for more than 40 years to be part of the system. Your are a repeater, your potential is not used at all, you hardly scratch the surface of what there is in you.

You could be a conscious individual, use your creativity, be independent and free and do what you want. Being your own men and women could be the result, getting up every morning with an open agenda or one that you have fully made for yourself.

Realize that you do not need the very few channels there are. They only  want to hook you up, to use you. They are always controlled by others over which you have no influence, they subdue you.

You only need what you have in yourself, what you freely decide and what you freely take from others. Then you will be free, and society will be diverse and much more interesting

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