Thinking is destroying your life

Philosophy used to be great, important and many people spent their lives philosophizing.  It is all totally useless as it does not get you anywhere. The only thing to think about is being happy, that is your only aim, and that is achieved by doing.

So the only thing that matters is what you do. Then the realities are there for you and all to see, and there is no need to talk and describe and tell others about anything. All that counts is what you have done.

When you are measured in the end, by yourself and others, the things you factually did are what matters. Your thinking should be kept to a minimum and purely to yourself. Do not share anything with anybody, do not tell others  about your intentions, do not opine on any matter. Discussing, having opinions, identifying yourself with causes or issuing proclamations big or tiny does not matter at all. It is a total waste for yourself and everybody else. Just be kind to others, play along, be non-committal.

The only matter in your life that is important is what you do – what you partake in – what you achieve. This is also your aim and what makes you happy, alert, loving, more conscious. So always be involved in deliberate action, plan for what you will do, do things on impulse or the spur of the moment, be ready for what will surely come next. If you stop doing things you stop living, you lose the moment of here and now. So line them up – do what you love to do all the time. Do not fret, do not tell anybody about your doubts, just keep on doing.

Philosophy, grand thoughts and dreams are useless and wasteful – there are no visible results.

Make a list in your thoughtroom of what you want to do and then execute.

You will surely be happy, your mind will be focused, your life will have an aim. The devils inside you will be put to rest, you will start to master yourself.

This is how simple it is. Your mind should help you do things, you must not ever let it be allowed to wander freely about in endless themes and hypotheses. You must control it, be the master of your own intellect and emotions so that your life can have direction and aims.

Do not sit there aimlessly, controlled by others, boxed in by conventions, standardized wisdom, following the thought of others, pressurized by the media, scared of offense, brought to silence by your own timidity, afraid of being alone.

Every day must be full of small and big things that you do – there is no stopping that.

What you do at work to make money is not enough, that is merely a chore that may distract you from your real task of being happy, independent, creative in all matters, building consciousness and elevating yourself, becoming a free soul,  a happy human being.

It is not easy at all, the comfort of thinking is like a wet dream come true, facing the challenge of growing  by doing is what it is about. Stop thinking so much, start doing all you can.

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