A changing world – will it ever be peaceful?

Many nations are coming up, the others are staying put – or relatively speaking going down?

A historic change is taking place in the world, evolving not so slowly, and the US is obviously feeling the heat. It is seeking out what it thinks is the biggest contender for supremacy in the world, and making all sorts of movements and noise to make sure there is or will be a conflict stewing or brewing. The chosen contender is China – the biggest nation population-wise. The other big one India is for the moment left out.

US dominance, the well-known policeman of the world, is no longer so certain. This is not due to great incidents or situations, but China, and also many other nations like India, Brazil, some of the Eastern Europeans, even African nations are improving the lot of their populations day by day. Things are going well for them. The US is doing fairly well also – much the same as it has done for some time, but elements of crisis have been seen.

The US is 5% of the world by inhabitants, China and India are about 20% each. The force of the numbers is changing the world.

Economically the US is disproportionately big, but others are finding their place. China is probably already the biggest economy in the world. It is easy to se that one day the Chinese economy will be much bigger than the US – there is no reason to doubt that. What about twice as big in 50 years time?

A lot of focus is now put on China by the West, even if India is practically the same size. We can say that China has been chosen as the big adversary of the US on the world stage. So the West is playing along with the US in this build up, the media are fully coordinated and blasting away: arms build up, human rights weaknesses, exchange accusations, demography speculations, political unrest. Dissidents are getting a lot of attention and messrs Wei, Li, Chen and others are meticulously followed by the foreign press (where do they get all this information in a country that is so strongly censored?). Terrible stories are told, some of it is possibly true, some are possibly fabrications by journalists or other capable writers.

So be careful what you believe – check it out for yourself if you can or be soundly sceptical.

Positioning is taking place: The US is playing down NATO, playing up their contacts in Asia and near. The Eastern Strategy of the US is unfolding – and amazing stuff it is. Vietnam, Australia, the Philipines, S. Korea, Taiwan are now all dear friends, US vessels are cruising around in the South China Sea – far away from home. There are planes and surely more, including naval exercises.

It is all rather sad and primitive – it is not human culture at its very best. A game of military power is staged with the US clearly challenging China. The US military budget is huge – about US $ 700 billion with China weighing in at about US $ 60 billion (2008 figures The Economist The world in figures).

We all have to sit watching this ritual unfolding – the manysplendoured forces of the US are let loose. Let us hope there will be no incidents wrecking havoc in the world.

But maybe this is all about appearances only? What is that is so important for the US to prove? It surely is not about human wellbeing? Is it about US thoughts of empire – 5% of the worlds people dominating the other 95 %?

The US is a construction that is about 300 years old, being dominant about the last 60 years. China has been going for many thousands of years, maybe more than 5 thousands, and the US is surely not going to change that?

Living is not about competition where you either win or lose. It is much easier than that. It is about understanding yourself, understanding others, helping all find sensible ways – cooperating, sharing, having fun.

So to the US – stop your relentless maCHINAtions, have fun. Please disassemble your military machine before there is an accident – possibly on a world scale. Remember what almost happened in Cuba? And think also about how much cheaper it is to be peaceful – you can easily save a billion a day. What you want to do in the world you should do in your own backyard.

Let us hope China can be patient with the US – it is such an immature nation, so young.

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