Do you need to be where you are?

“We are all striving for glory, but far too many end up in a hole.”

The world is full of challenges, adventures, you can set your mind to any number of fantastic things. You can – in short –  live a full life, you may even be free.

The number of possibilities are huge – you can roam the world, you can let your head spin enormous thoughts, you can find amazing and wonderful places and situations, you may participate in awesome projects, you can follow through and make what you think come true. The tool that your brain is can take you along on massive journeys into the unknown, finding your own inner self, experiencing cosmos, helping people who need you, create whatever your mind can come up with.

It can all be done if you are willing to move about – if you are willing to forgo the limitations of place, of a fixed abode, of property and ownership, the limitations of geography. You must remove the strictures, the practicalities, environments, noise and thoughts that tie you down.

Most of us – nearly everybody in fact – never do this – we live basically in one place, doing one job, having one environment. This shapes you, your creativity, your activity, and in the end it ties you down and limits your creativity, and in the end your spiritual and practical life. Your thinking may be severely confined too.

It is all about living a good life – the life you want, idealistically created, what you dream about, what the tool you have in your great mind that you have can come up with.

So what do you really need to have? What do you really want to do?

The real you – your essence that you are born with – can manage with very little that you own, that you need to have. The geography or the place you are in can – if you own very little or nothing – easily be changed. You can become free.

You may realize that there is a world where you own nothing, where you are free to move wherever you want,  and that free movement may make it possible to be free, completely free – completely free of things that tie you down.

Your freedom can lead you into a world of personal growth, your thinking can become new and free, also independent and fresh, you become creative, you enjoy living, you participate fully in what your birth initially set you up to do. You can take it all back from the limitations of society and make what you want.

Living in a set community may be safe, but not always as there are many large and small threats and restrictions lurking in the shadows. Any number of them can hit you, and shape your life in unwanted ways.

Your role as a contributor to the large society we have learnt that we must be part of dissolves into thin air – you will not be a popular person with the rulemakers, the bureaucracies, but that should be no concern of yours. You choices make you a content person and may lead to better contributions to the real needs of the world.

You know that this is about you and your life – build on your essence and what you were given, follow your own thinking made by the good head that was given to you, execute and live as you yourself see fit – become a whole person.

It is about courage too – do you dare do it? Our societies are increasingly characterized by walls and fences of the practical and spiritual kind. Many need to break out – to start anew.

You can be one.

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