Evolving ourselves – ordinary men and women – into true philosophers

Living is often easy and often it is not easy at all – you have a crisis, mental, physical, economic, you are about to die, or some of many other possible difficulties.

There are conflicts, catastrophies – all sorts of things to be concerned with.

So you need a mindset to get you through life – you preferably should have a conscious or controlled approach to whatever happens, because one day – sooner or later – your fortunes will change. It is also certain that one day you will surely die.

The diversity of solutions to this is complex and multifaceted: Religions of many kinds, spiritualism, the thinking of gurus, self-evolved solutions. Many depressed people get medicines to take them through daily life.

There also seems to be differences between parts of the world – between East and West. Both places have great philosophers – men thinking grand thoughts about living a life, being part of society, being ethical humans. Political and economic thought are also part of the philosophy of the world. Often these are fully or partly integrated, i.e. Muslim thinking.

Thinking about the way we live seems to be more widespread and common – infused – in Eastern societies than in the West. In general people in the East are more concerned, more conscious about their way of life – the happenings, the the past, the future, history, what has been and what will come is shown respect. The Chinese even have the book of changes I Ching. The level of ethics is generally high. They know their philosphers: Tao, Buddha, Zen masters, gurus like Sri Aurobindo, the impact of philosophy is high.

In the West philosophy has been a largely intellectual activity – an endeavour without much practical consequence – you take a course at university and then you forget it. Philosophy is for the philosophers, not for ordinary people. It is an intellectual game with models and sophisticated constructs, it is highbrow and fanciful. This lack of a philosophical basis means Western society has lost its ethics, its morals, its purpose – we are now consumers chasing the golden prize.

This ought to be changed – and luckily there are new approaches that could prove to be significant. The fusion of Eastern and Western thought could be a viable way forward, and many people have written and spoken about that – for example Gurdjieff and Naess.

The consciousness about what we are here for ought to be elevated, thinking about our personal roles and aims, our role in the great cosmos, our treatment of ourselves and the Earth. We need a philosophy of the world for the ordinary woman and man – a way of thinking that can lead to understanding the self, to self-realization and sustainability.

The thinking of the East and the West should be taken as a whole – to develop a new set of whole ideas for mankind. The aim should be to have everybody be conscious about life and cosmos – to be true philosophers.

We need to find truth in all matters whatever it is, we need to eradicate violence in all forms, we must stop violating the world we live in, the world must become one of dialogue among all, economic greed is unsustainable. The social and economic stratification of people we see today is unsustainable – the basis is sound equality among all men.

Diversity is a central point, we must search for possible practicable solutions in all local habitats, to realize the possibilities where they can be found. Man is not supreme, he is part of a larger ecosystem and must find his natural place there. Diversity must not be reduced by monocrops, stripmining, spreading chemicals, outhunting species or similar.

We must agree on a sustainable population on the Earth through dialogue. The answer to that question is completely unknown today. At present rates of  of population growth there will be about 14 million people on the Earth in about 70 years time. That could be sustainable or it may not – we must find out before we get there.

Establishing the interconnection of everything is a great goal for humanity – to make a good foundation for material life and wellbeing of everything living. The aim must be to engage all people in this endeavour so that we all can contribute our part, be active in our own lives, build society, make cosmos sustainable.

Be concerned with building consensus based on fact, be cooperative in all matters, remove antagonism, develop love among all.

The world is large, it is well built, it can serve us well if we let it, all people must be made thinkers so they can see the reality of what we are doing, so that we can get nearer to a sustainability of everything.

First we must all become philosophers – and empiricalists relating to reality. Hands on – that is the way. You and me and all.

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