How much should you care?

The world is rolling along, circling, revolving, seasons change, day and night come and go. There are huge processes taking place in the ecosystems we all are part of. 7 billion humans are busy doing all sort and manner of things.

An enormous spectacle unfolds continously. Seemingly random acts occur as well, throwing us all into awe or fear.

And what should your role be in this grand show? How much part of it are you really? Does it matter where you are, what you do?

Maybe the answer is no.

Should you care, think, speak up, even do something so that the mass of events can be righted or adjusted according to yourself, your group, your community, your nation, your …whatever.. globally?

The only solution is obvious and so simple. Stay away as much as you can, do not identify unnecessarily with anything, do your own thing. Be a presence now, where you are, now. Focus. Concentrate. Live in the now. Go for your aims.

The best and only thing you can do is to make sure you live in the now, that is your only task, and it is neverending, it never stops.

And that goes for everybody else to.

If we all did just that the world would be such a good place. Perhaps one day it will.  Maybe it matters after all what you do and the answer should be yes it matters what you do. Live in the system, accept it, change it by doing your own thing. Now.

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