The global warming confusion – the CO2 confusion – the hoax

It is now presented as a certainty – we will have global warming due to CO2 produced by humans.

The IPCC said there is a probability based on consensus – not on actual numbers – that we will have global warming in about a hundred years time – about 1.5-2 degrees Celsius. Now some say that it is already here, some say it is accelerating and will be felt harshly in about the year 2050……. The confusion is near complete – there is no longer a coherent voice in this wilderness, no true authority.

So we have to be pragmatic, reserve our viewpoints a bit and see what happens, what is right. There is truth out there somewhere, but it is not easily seen at the moment.

An article in Nature claims that the fish in the sea is being disturbed by increased concentrations of CO2 in its environment. This increase in CO2 is said to be due to human activity. The central nervous system of the fish is affected. It is amazing that researchers have been able to pinpoint this effect to the CO2 produced by human activity!

Increasing amounts of CO2 make the sea more acidic, but there seems to be little agreement about the numbers involved, the volumes of CO2 involved.

We must for the sake of scientific rigour  be permitted to ask a few questions. The approximate number for CO2 in the atmosphere is about 400 ppm, of which about 15 ppm are made by humans – or about 3%. If we remove all the CO2 produced by humans from the Earth’s atmosphere the amount of CO2 would basically be the same.

The numbers have been stable for many years, and there are many factors influencing them. The most wellknown are water vapours and sunspot activity. They cause large changes in the atmospheric conditions year by year.

The ability of the oceans to absorb CO2 is open to debate, and so are the processes of the seas.

So what numbers do we need to have a meaningful discussion:

  • The actual present numbers for CO2 in the atmosphere, and their development over time, long term and  short term, time series of up to hundred years
  • The changes in the acidity of the oceans, possible local variations, long term and short term, time series, the processes
  • The effects of water vapour
  • The effects of solar activity
  • What are the peak levels, what are acceptable stable levels

With a concentration of about 400 ppm, with 7 billion people on the Earth, an assumption of a system that can absorb about 5 billion tons/year, the average emission pr. person would be about 0.7 tons/year. Today the emissions are about 20 tons/year/person in the US, 10 in Europe, China 4, Africa 0.5.

The models must be improved, the discussion is not comprehensive enough now. The changes must come first and mostly in the US. If they do not take part the whole discussion is a big spin. Blaming the Chinese and the Africans is ridiculous! The prolongation of the Kyoto agreement to 2020 is a genuine joke.

The real debate must come about the combined effect of all environmental factors on the Earth – what is really happening is not well enough taken into account. The pre-eminence of climate gases is purely wrong – the real debate must start now: We are destroying the Earth, and the work to stop the destruction has not started yet.

We will never see these numbers, the factual science. So for a good future – stop the damage. The only way to it is to try to do your own bit, live a good life as best you can. We are being made asses of taking part in this hoax. The debate is closed.

Let the hoaxers suffer!

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