Going to sea for freedom?

The seasteading environment have had a bit of attention lately as we are getting nearer to the realization of the ideas of establishing communities offshore – in international waters, free communities.

The notion of a government that shall rule us all is well established. Although we may have democratic rule it appears that continous long term governance adds more and more strictures, in the end making people uncomfortable. There are too many rules, too little freedom. Also allowing special interests a deep influence is now largely seen as unwanted, even undemocratic. When income distribution becomes serioulsly skewed we have a situation that must be fixed.

It seems that present ideas about seasteading centers around freedom to innovate, less bureaucracy, lower taxes, moneymaking, fewer entrenched interests, no lobbying etc.

So the idea is to move offshore, establish new societies where participants can do what they like, pull together people with the same attitudes and ideas, so that ideas, entrepreneurship, creativity can flourish, even making money from the activities. The seasteading movement is in its infancy, but the growing interest in the movement indicates a need for renewal.

Some say it is merely a good idea whereby international large corporations may establish facilities so that they can do what they want unfettered by anybody. This could be banking, manufacturing, hospitals, hotels and resorts. It could be profitable. You could skip all rules and regulations, get rid of unwanted legal confines, establish superfacilities.

If the most important idea is to create a new and modern society, a society of equal citizens, participation, sharing, deep democracy, then we are on to something good. So far the ideas are not very clear – there is a lot of ongoing thinking in process.

But there is another aspect as well: Must we leave our own countries to live well, the way we want? Or can we change what we have into what we want? Is the dynamics of government gone, locking us all into rigid structures?

It is sad that we must start all over to get what we want. The ideas of seasteding is about frustration. We must surely look into and try to mend our ways – for the thrilling future we could have.

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