The cancer mystery

The numbers are there to tell us what is going on: more and more people get cancer, more and more people die from cancer, more and more people are healed, more and more people live longer and longer with cancer. If you live by making drugs and equipment to treat these people, you are in the right place. You will get rich as people die around you.

In Norway there are about 25.000 new cancer cases every year, 60 % are healed and 40% die. There are about 190.000 people now being treated for cancer. The numbers are going up. Proportionally similar numbers can be found in most countries.

DNA and genes are now providing – they say – a means for targeting therapies at many types of cancer. The gene fault or gene mutation of the cancer is known and specific medicines can be made to fix the given gene-fault, all depending on the type of cancer you have.

There is a conflict of interest built into the drug industry: do they really want to get rid of illness? The strongest inclination is of course to keep treating people and getting paid as long as they live – the longer they live the more money. If people die soon or get well there is no money in it.

Amazing research is taking place to find the mutations of cancer – the gene structures of the cancer cells or the molecular composition of bad cells.

The research is based on the wrong principles as it is about how to make more money from patients living ever longer. This is why there is no amazing research into the starting mechanisms of cancer – what creates the conditions for cancer and what starts it? What triggers its development? Why can we not make sure that it is not there after treatment, metastase is still a real danger.

Prevention should be the number one issue of cancer research so that a healthy body can stay that way: What do you do, eat, what is your environment, what do you let come near your skin, the air you breathe, radiation and emissions of many kinds and so on – how do the factors put you at risk?

Why is there no amazing research being done here?

All sorts of advanced techniques are being developed – even how to fool your immune system to get drugs into your body tissue to keep you alive. This should all be part of a holistic cancer research where prevention is important, even permanent cure.

So the techniques are amazing but the focus is wrong – it is to narrow. Amazing research should also go into how you can avoid cancer – scientifically based and more substantial than “keep fit and eat veggies” – then we would have good lives and really save money.

The present cancer regime is absurd. One day we will see amazing research, with the right focus, finding how to avoid cancer – in the future.

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