Occupy Wall Street – or what can possibly be behind it all

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“It is a comprehensive civil rights act”.

An undefined protest is going on – the demands are not specific, there are no big leaders to focus on, but a general sentiment is being put forward – there is unease about how we run our societies.

To speculate and try to sort out the elements –  here goes.

There is a lot of attention given to OWS, and it is growing in numbers of participants. Established politicians are obviously unsure what to do, their voters are expressing undefined discontent.

One element seems to a strong dislike of the democratic processes, as well as critique of the financial domination taking place by a select group of financiers, investors. The world economy is shaking, it is clearly unstable, it all hangs together, there is unrest. We can not have a situation like this.

In many countries there is a divide between the electorate and  the elected politicians as they are professionals acting in complete independence of the people electing them. The concentration of economic power via the interconnectedness of businesses combined with the unrestricted international flow of capital into large scale production units make local economies all over the world shake and shiver. The regulations are not there and they can do whatever they like. The financiers/investors support politicians they like and so make them do or die.

The global financial system is completely open and makes it possible – for the toughest – to wield global power – to outcompete and crush everybody else all over the world. Combined with huge efficiencies – of a kind – the number of jobs will be dramatically reduced as this goes on.

All is done for business reasons, for profit. Society is all about buying and selling, monetizing and profit as the only motive, we put a price on everything. The jobs are increasingly simple and require no skills, and we must have them to survive.

Our culture is one of senseless competition so you must become big and make others submit, even knock them out. Values of sharing, voluntary work, community are out – how come we behave like this? The moral sentiments are not of a high standard.

This process is clearly unsustainable and we will see more problems – joblessness, economic instability, power politics, resource shortages, conflicts, poverty, exclusion, lack of democratic process. What is this? How has it come about?

The clearly visible global economic concentration can lead to power misuse, to forces being unleashed to protect profit. The owners of this capital will be able to resist all changes, as it may lead to less profit. And what a shame that would be.

The next step could be a global economic power, submitting us all to the final countdown of total economic control. Then freedom will go, and who knows what will happen.

The question of a willed process behind all this comes up – is there an agenda of people seeking world power? With present developments there is a real possibility of this happening.

We should clearly start thinking about a change, and the solution is not global control – it is clearly local control – let people control their own destinies, share, have community.

All we see now are possibilities and speculation, but the unrest is warranted – there are many things that should be put right.

At present no one knows what will happen. Let us make sure the future is increasingly about equality, having a say among equals, about sharing, about sustainability.

“It is pure democracy – it is magic”.

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