The drugstore in your own body

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What can and must we do to heal this patient is the basic question of health care. Scientific medicine or school medicine is what we do here in the West: We take tests, we give drugs, we operate, we change the lifestyle – there are many things that we can do.

But our own body is a fine piece of intelligent machinery – it is constantly healing itself. Our immune system protects against disease by finding and removing pathogens and tumor cells. When we are healthy this system works fine, when get sick some action is taking place that the immune system can not handle or need time to fix. Some people have weak immune systems, others have strong systems. We know that the immune system can be strengthened by positive action like good  and right food, exercise, rest, reducing stress in our lives, etc.

The body produces substances and run processes of many kinds: antimicrobial peptides or defensins, or processes like phagocytosis etc. This is going on all the time with varying intensity.

So the question arises if we can stimulate the immune system methodically and use the body’s own forces to heal people?

We then run into the domain of alternative medicine with healing, homeopathy, even placebo effects.

The Chinese and their TCM use these effects to the full and get results. But in the West these methods are largely ridiculed.

But recent research at SINTEF/NTNU, Norway show for a fact that the mind can stimulate what goes on in your body. We dispense from the outside manmade drugs that are the same as the substances already produced and found in our body to combat sickness, thinking that they will do the trick, which they often do.

But what about changing the approach and try to stimulate the body by mental techniques so that it produces enough of the stuff required?

This is probably mindboggling, and not good for the drug industry, but it has been found to work in many cases. The Chinese say it works very often.

So where do we go from here? Free research of course – we need more of that for a good future. The drugstore of your own body can probably fix a lot of things.

We know that pills seldom work fully as intended – some pills work only 20% of what they are supposed to, some even kill people.

More insight in this area please, and no ridicule when we try to find the right path. Medicine is clearly still very young.

Maybe there is more to be found: What if the body can produce what it needs regardless of what we do, eat – it simply balances out the needs it finds? So that vitamins, healthy foods, exercise and all are not really needed as the body makes up for deficiencies, also so that unhealthy living does not matter that much? (All within reason of course)

Pure speculation, you say? Well then prove me wrong.

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