The big problem of economic inequality

There are increasing signs of an economic divide in the world, especially among individuals, there is a huge top and bottom problem, and the long term effects of this gross inequality is becoming clear: poverty, social disruption and breakdown, distortions of many kinds.

The economic concentrations of companies/investors and states are huge and as much as 99% of us will soon see that 1% of all people of the world will control  practically everything. They have all the property, all the resources, all the money.

This also means that a proper democracy is no longer functioning, the processes of society are definitely no longer democratic. We are ruled by other the few people of higher powers than us, they are the owners of the capital, the companies, the states requiring our money, the closed political parties. The controlled media are part of the system.

It is obvious that this system can not last, the negative factors are too obvious. We are heading for change, maybe breakdown of our economic system.

The economic system we practice has no name and it has no morals, it is unchecked in every way, it lets greed have a free rein. It is truly amazing that we have ended up like this.

The continuation of this economic system will lead to ever greater profits, increasing pressure on resources including fights and even wars, higher prices for everyone in human terms. Nations are preparing for this by building a military presence in all resource rich areas. Increasing efficiency will give fewer and fewer jobs, leading to social catastrophe.

So we must clearly say that we have gone astray – we are off course in a the development of a truly sustainable good world. The good world we want has at its roots decent individual free life  where people can live fairly, where ethical standards are such that we deeply consider the wellbeing of others.

The right way from here has to do with human ethics and strong checks on the economic activity of individuals and the companies they form. The role of an overstrong state should also be checked as there must be limits to what individuals can be told to do.

The global world of investors roaming for financial prey and profit should be stopped forthwith. Economic firewalls should be put up around each country.

The poverty of individuals should be eradicated by making a basic income for all, a society wage drawn from all sources available, and based on considerations of fair sharing in every society. The way to do this has already been drawn up.

New principles of politics must be drawn up, based on wide counselling, wide participation by independent individuals.

Production should be local and small, based on local need, local ownership, local resources.

Individuals should be taught how to live harmoniously, to consider their relation to others, how to be part of a sustainable world.

You say this is naive and will not happen. Wrong again. Thinking along these lines or similar are developing, a growing number of people see what happens, and changes are seen. An economic foundation of harmonious individuals, sharing, consideration of others, the reduction or elimination of ego, a permanent and sustainable way, respect for and adaptation to the great cosmos is surely coming.

The way there is full of trouble and hard work so let us start the work right away. The forces against such a change are powerful.

“Societies of equals” is a tall order of both understanding and practice, but that is what we must have.

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