The weapons and war idiocy

The engineers and designers of the world are working hard in their weapons companies to make equipment to sell to governments so that the investors can have a nice return on their investment, a profit, communities can have jobs, and we can have economic growth.

The governments use the weapons for wars: destruction of property, killing people. To keep this system going we need to make conflicts – even to the extent of dreaming up conflicts from barely nothing.

The taxpayers are paying for these wars as they are deemed necessary by our politicians, we are defending societies, freeing societies, upholding values, even protecting our lifestyle or improving democracy.

The money could clearly be spent better – e.g. schools, health, infrastructure.

Now a new development is becoming substantial, and adding to the planes, rockets, warships we already have. The era of automated remotely controlled weapons are here – remotely controlled planes and flying “things” are used with increasing success.

They come in all sizes from big planes carrying heavy loads of bombs to tiny hightech marvels that can do smart or mostly horrible things with sensors, cameras, sprays, measuring instruments, electromagnetic pulses, laser beams etc.

The US is the driving force in this development, heartily supported by the rest of NATO. The US budget is now a tragic list of numbers that are far too big for comfort, creating doubt about the future of their society in its present form. Military expenditure is about half of taxpayers money, indicating a nation gone wonky.

We surely can develop new weaponry, use our intellect to the full and kill people efficiently and in masses. But what about using this huge intellect for some new thinking making these developments unneeded? We can choose to do that? We are not zombies, are we? What about thinking and spending the money for the good of people, ending wars, use engineers and designers to improve lives, solving conflicts by intelligent negotiation?

You have heard it all before, and it can not be done?

Wrong. Forces against this madness is building, it is just plain stupid to go on like this, it causes all sorts of suffering.

Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles is a scary practice that should end now. Let also all future weapons designs rest in peace – the financing has been withdrawn and we do not need them. We can not go on killing because it makes jobs.

Let us first withdraw from all war areas, let us empty the skies, let us fill our heads with new thinking. We must start to find the answer to the great question of why there are wars so the killing can stop. Endless human and material resources are wasted, the suffering is enormous – let us change this.

A living future for all is what we can have.

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