Whole man is complex – we must work on ourselves

The concept of a whole or holistic human being is a daunting idea. Thinking about it and starting some positive action will do good. Factors to consider are:

  • Physical body – try to keep your body fit: fitness of circulation, breath, strength, agility, coordination, touch, sight, hearing…The list is very long.
  • Food – what do we eat, how do we prepare it, what does it do to us, do we know enough to eat well through all stages of our life…Present knowledge of nourishment is lacking, and obvious changes should be made to improve what we do.
  • Inner work – the coordination of your brain or mind, your feelings, your physical body so that is serves you well, your sex-life is all right, you become attentive and awake, use your will positively, you are harmonious both related to your self and to others, the sacrifices and suffering in your life accounted for, self-observation as a foundation for transformation, the work needed…
  • Knowledge – what do we know and how do we use it, how do we gain new knowledge, having an open, innovative mind, be logical, use our intelligence, always learn new things…. School systems, continued development of knowledge are ripe fields for changes.
  • Social work –  our participation in the development of society, the work we do among others, helping, improving, being a volunteer…
  • Moneymaking – paid activity is required by all, choose what you love to do, do not let moneymaking dominate your life, adequate income does it, greed is not good…
  • Cosmology – how do we contribute to the maintenance of the larger system around us, the “all” that we are part of. Building new consciousness and practice in this area is sorely needed.
  • Creative work by using your abilities in field of your choice, be it handicrafts, music, play, theater, art…This will stimulate your mind, help you become a whole person.
  • The recreation we have and participate in, music, games, handicraft, sports…

As this short list shows – life is a challenge, and one that we should take. This is really quite an undertaking and not at all easy to pull off – developing and using your abilities, find your consciousness, be what you will be, do what you will do, contribute to turning society into what you want it to be.

So establish a wish for being – then you can become harmonious, attentive, part of a wholeness, what you want – if you work hard. Many people should try this kind of work for a thrilling future.

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