The forces unknown, the knowledge lacking

The US has been downgraded – President Obama has been hurt. The economics of the world is in turmoil. And the hedge funds are making money out of this? Have we gone soft in our heads and lost our determination?

The information we get through the media about what is going on is severely lacking in both principles and practicalities. The news about the downgrading were stalled for many hours because there were processes going on. A publishing prohibition was put out. Now who can do that, and why should the media obey?

There is no longer any analysis to be found anywhere. The public, the voters have not a clue about what happens or why it happens. There are obviously forces at work that not able or willing to tell the story – so we are left helpless. The processes of international politics are in bad shape.

From stories in the press – they also seem to be guesswork only and from hidden places – we can ask many questions.

  • Why must everybody be dependent upon everybody else? Are there no firewalls, no safe sections? When it goes, everything will go? This is truly irresponsible economic management!
  • Is there really only one economic/financial system and that is controlled by crisis makers, gamblers, speculators?
  • Have the politicians – including the president of the US – and regulators of the world been sidelined?
  • Do we understand what rule IFRS9 about mark-to-market accounting of sovereign debt in European banks’ balance sheets means? It is about reserves, short term thinking versus long term thinking. Who does the thinking and practising here? It seems the people in charge do not understand the technicalities fully?
  • Bank stress tests that have been published show exposure of individual banks and that makes it possible for speculators to start runs. Are the hedge funds doing this, making money and damaging the rest of us? When politicians and regulators make a mistake somebody should profit from it – massively – and the rest of us are left to suffer?
  • How big are these hedge funds and other speculators – massive? Can they damage nations, currencies? Is Soros a saint or a crook?
  • Who is in charge of the regulators requiring extreme changes in the quality of bank reserves in the middle of a crisis?
  • Is raiding by speculators an acceptable practice in our economic system? High frequency raiding – maybe daily raiding? What and who will be attacked today?
  • How can the US be downgraded by S&P? The US is not a company, it will not default, it can increase taxes, it can print money. What game is being played here.
  • Who is Deven Sharma, S&P and of Bilderberg fame? Is he acting upon somebody’s orders? (Now the scams and hoaxes industry will gear up – is the big agenda behind it all showing itself?)

The picture now is one of confusion – the wise people are not able to make themselves heard. The regulators are seemingly not cooperating internationally, the politicians are in deep waters, their inability is obvious, the way we run things must be considered afresh.

The outcome of this is uncertain – long term stability is wanting. But the wild and greedy forces have to be tamed – ASAP.

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