Hypnosis – why not more of that?

Hypnosis is a Greek word meaning sleep. The history of hypnosis is a long one. We have used it in the form we know for several hundred years, and similar techniques have been used for thousands of years, by the Greeks, the Mongols, Indians. We have almost forgotten it.

It has been used in medicine, as a pain killer instead of drugs – this is still done – to heal, to find resources in the person herself,  to concentrate people’s mind and to relax, to remove outside influences, to focus on unwanted thoughts or activities, to get rid of neuroses, bad habits.

Unconscious resources may cause illness, symptoms, functional disturbances. Hypnosis  aims to activate the persons own resources to achieve healing. You defocus on the harmfull effects, and focus on the positives.

The tool is inducements into a hypnotic state through repetition, monotony, rhytm, going down suggestions. We must enter into a yes state of acceptance and lead on from there. Hypnosis is when you have an unconscious reaction to a suggestion. You stop using your will, and your critical and logical senses. Your ability to be hypnotised vary, and about 10% are easily hypnotised, 80% are medium and 10% will not be hypnotised.

There are risks as hypnotism can lead to hallucination, strong feeling domination, repetition of ideas, wild imaginary conditions. The risk must be evaluated.

There is also a show side to it as hypnotised persons can do funny things on the stage.

It has become part of the alternative medicine as scientific thinkers shrug and deny – in spite of concrete evidence that it works.

Hypnosis is a state of concentrated attention, it is a natural condition, you get there by being induced by others or yourself – selfhypnosis – and the work is done through suggestions about what to do. The hypnotised person is awake or at sleep .

In the medical world there is a big lack of knowledge, it seems we are trying to forget what is there.

Through hypnosis we try to access our unconscious resources, find how to activate them , they are part of our psyche, wellness, mental condition. The aim is a possible cure or prevention of certain conditions of the psyche.

Among unconscious resources we have breathing, heartbeat, metabolism, blood pressure, movement or working of internal organs, healing of wounds, feelings, others we know little about. We can learn to use these resources if we accept they are there / this is not just talk, rich evidence exists.

Hypnosis and trance are the same – see it as an enlarged consciousness, a fading of reality orientation, relaxation, sleepiness, or it can be an active-awake trance or somnambulism.

We do not fully understand this so why not work towards a better fuller understanding?

We can maybe find a solution inside ourselves / to be well and stay well. And what about being more selfdetermined?

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