Chinese worldly intentions

What are the Chinese world intentions? What do the Chinese want to be?

China has always been busy on its own territory, doing internal business. There have been many changes, but they have mostly kept themselves within their own borders.

This has changed now, and even bigger changes will come: the Chinese are moving off their own territory into the world. Some say they are spinning a web – a Chinese world strategy is being developed.

It has to do with building economic and military clout – the Chinese may be aiming to match or surpass the US, the West. The strategy is not clearly discernible – the Chinese are old hands at inscrutability.

Many elements are surfacing:

  • developing high class military equipment like the J20
  • establish a presence at the high seas
  • engage to control the world economic system by joining the decisionmakers
  • be a big lender – the biggest?
  • building currency reserves
  • keeping their currency low value
  • enter into many deals and agreements serving its own purposes
  • support regimes all over the world
  • building a presence of Chinese in most countries
  • collecting technology of many kinds
  • educating high class people
  • strengthening the political system  in China – make it more “efficient”
  • building high class productive capacity – enough to make everything for the world
  • growing its own food in other countries
  • establishing logistics systems
  • developing a resources strategy: metals, oil, food …
  • increase internal welfare: make people “rich”
  • contributing to large trade deficits in most countries
  • creating situations of economic dependence upon China
  • see to it that economic problems are solved by China
  • do everything slowly, piecemeal, long term

The Chinese strategy is being rolled out – they are working hard to establish themselves as the new masters. The US, the West is in disarray – the timing is fine.

We have had many world masters through the centuries – where do such thinking come from, how does it arise? A new master is entering – the thinking is approximately the same as earlier masters have entertained.

Do the rest of the world need a counter-strategy? Seen from a world standpoint these activities are so repetitive – this is just more of the same – but with a new master – there is always a new master.

A world of independence, freedom,cooperation, sharing, equality is not part of the scenario – more power games are ahead of us.

Don’t lose faith – the good ideas never go away, but a world of equals is some way off yet.

The best we can do now is to prepare for a new master, a new round of power games.

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