Soft power – the power of the mind and ideas

There is a continous development of ideas in the world. What humans do in their present time is always influenced by some important ideas. Long term trends can be found.

Right now the world is very diverse as the politics, the economics, the religions, art, general culture vary a lot and there are latent conflicts in many places, and even wars are being waged. The internal culture of the Chinese with special ways over thousands of years is coming on to the world stage, challenging Western ideas for societal development and democracy. The US is battling its own internal fight about budgets and ethics. The economic system of the world is not in order as there are grave differences between people and huge concentrations of money.

The media, the politicians, the establishment are a force to be reckoned with, the religious leaders are there, the marketing men of all businesses: They are all there with their salesmanship and lobbying.

There is even talk about high order agendas for eventual world domination – the “Rotschilds”, the Masons, the Kazars or whatever names they have now. The financial system of the world is based on certain sets of assumptions and ways that are not under control, the ecologics of what we do are highly questionable, the resources of the world are being spent at superfast rates. The high ethics of it all are not very prominent.

Medicine is a business where money can be made when people are sick or kept alive with illnesses. Markets are everywhere, financial concentration is developing rapidly where few control many, global domination is an idea that many entertain.

So where does this lead us? The ethics or basic assumptions must be questioned – the raging competition, wild consumerism, the huge concentrations of finance, industry, agriculture, the possible hidden agendas, the dehumanized work environment for most people, the non-ecological methods we use, the shortsightedness of our ways.

So you think this is bad – or maybe it is plain wrong?

Well – let us have an open mind now. People will do what they must do, they will expose the real nature of things, they will want to move into their comfort zone and the constant changes of the world  will eventually take us there. Just look back some centuries and see the real improvements we have had.

This will continue – zigzag wise – and the soft power of our minds will come out on top eventually. The ideas of what people find acceptable – the collective mind – is growing stronger and stronger and will prevail. It may take time, but there is no doubt about the end result.

Ideas of large scale sharing of ideas and knowledge, introduction of the premise of the public commons, pools of common resources managed by stakeholders, softening of competition and market principles, transparency, concepts of less is more, neverending innovations, deep ecology and better human interaction is coming to the fore. Join in the thinking – it will do you good.

And the force is with us, and it is irresistible.

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