Wherever, whenever, whatever

Most people live and work in a fixed place and have routines and habits that thoroughly cement their lives: What you do, you do here, and at a given time – which is the same for everybody. You live in a frame. (There are exceptions: people working shifts, weekends, travelling a bit.)

Why not try to change this? To achieve independence of place, time, activity – to become focused on what you do – which is decided by you – so that you can do it wherever you are, whenever you like? It is not only about work, but also about play, entertainment, learning, practice – all of your activities whatever they are. Would you consider it advantageous to be in a situation where this can happen – to become truly independent?

To achieve this you must be completely focused on your chosen activity, be present in the now, not thinking forward, forgetting the past, show no fear or apprehension, the movement of your body or your emotions must not disturb you, the practical concerns of life must be controlled so that you can plan consistently and keep your focus at all times.

You must therefore be present in the now at all times – wherever, whenever, whatever – and not remember the past or think forward – you must be here now.

So if you find this interesting or desirable, how to get there? You must start the work of freeing yourself by observing yourself, how do you spend your time, waiting, worrying, remembering, planning ahead, emotionalizing, or being active in the now: playing, working, resting, training or whatever you have chosen to do.  A conscious effort is required – there is work involved, work on yourself. It is best if you feel it is required of you – that gives you support.

So the idea is to achieve a new state of mind so that you can do what you have chosen to do wherever, whenever. You become free, without hassles, place independent.

Your life frame opens up, you become the master of yourself, you choose independently of all, what to think, do, where to go – how to live.

Interacting with the world is a challenge, but by observing others, consider their level of consciousness, caring, accepting – it will work well. You should also consider nature – the cosmos – and take care. If many think this way we should have the start of a society that is good for most.

And thinking your own thoughts is also possible, being independent, free of habitual action, starting afresh, being original, see new things, join in discoveries.

A conscious and willed state of mind is required, and it will probably serve you well. So start the work – on yourself.

Here is the spirit of it all: Le paradis terrestre est ou je suis – Paradise is where I am (Voltaire)

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