The future of oil and gas – and more

The end of oil is near – they say. This will be true some time, but we will have oil and gas exploration, pumping and use for a long time to come. Shall we say at least a hundred years? Or 200 years?

Now a Norwegian company has established a global oil and gas database in connection with their energy consulting services . This will be kept continously updated based on facts, reviews, findings from researchers, info from companies and governments all over (most of) the world. They can now make a production profile for most oil and gas fields in the world.

The database can be used by companies for business, governments for policymaking, students for learning, journalists for… and so on.

The company says:

UCUBE – a revolution within the E&P business intelligence!

UCube is a complete information database for strategy and business development work for the global upstream oil & gas industry. UCube provides field by field bottom-up reserves, production forecast, financial figures and a range of additional decision parameters worldwide with a time span of 200 years. UCube includes more than 70,000 oil & gas fields and licenses, and more than 3,000 companies. Download a brochure describing UCube here.

UCube provides all data available at your fingertips in one, integrated application. UCube comes with an easy to use graphical user interface enabling fast filtering, extraction and display of data. All data is simultaneously updated in graphs, tables and map view.

UCube is run online via a Cube Browser downloaded to your local PC, and can be accessed from anywhere with internet connection. Data is continuously scouted and updated and users can have new versions available over night. How to download and install UCube is described here.

Rystad Energy has developed a number of additional databases, or Cubes, to support quantitative analyses in our consulting projects. Further details of the other Cubes can be found here.”

The link to the company: Rystad Energy

So now we will know – just check the database! And remember that in the course of a very long time oil will be phased out – several hundred years. What is to be found in the unexplored parts of the world: South China sea, the Pacific, the Arctic areas? And what more is to be found where we already are pumping – e.g. under the basalt layers?

So keep exploring, drilling and pumping, lads – there is much more down there.

And another angle to this story is: why don’t we get such databases for everything we have on Earth: iron ore, bauxite, cobalt, uranium, rare earths, gold……. The development, the use, the distribution, the introduction of sustainability principles could all be facilitated – a genuine global improvement that would be. Surely we need that?

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