The state, status and use of science

Non-scientists should grasp what is going on in the world of science. Sometimes it seems that basic science is waiting in the wings while technological advances using known science has the main focus. It all is about making money, making products to sell. In this way we are maybe losing track of the knowledge of the really big questions.

But science is surely moving ahead – physics, chemistry, medicine, others – new discoveries all the time. We all need to understand the major events as they unravel. The science will surely make an impression on our daily lives. Take genetics for medicine, food, energy – there will be great discoveries. There is far too little information about developments today – we are losing touch, information is lacking.

The most basic part of science is that there is life. This is an unsolved mystery. All the atoms that are you has a life force binding it all together. We do not know what this life force is and why our atoms hang together the way they do. So the cooperation of these atoms is at present a mystery, although there must be a logic or system in there. Humans are not what they were or will be – they keep changing or adapting – otherwise they would probably disappear. Species of the Earth regenerate for a while and then they disappear.

We know lots of species that have been here, but we dont’t really know what is going on – the number of species on the Earth is unknown. These processes are only found on the Earth as far as we know. But scientists are constantly looking for knowledge.

The conditions under which we live on this Earth seems to be precisely balanced – there are restrictions that make us live on a very small part of the Earth and its atmosphere.

The lack of knowledge about the Earth is amazing: the numbers of organisms here seems to be huge and we are maybe surrounded by millions of species that we have not yet seen.

And how did it all start? One spot of creation or many and then gradual adaptation? Is the system behind it the same for all creatures? And then the big question is if it is possible for us to destroy it all?

Ecologically we are behaving badly and unsustainably: We take large amounts of resources from the Earth, we make bad air, water, changing the surface of the Earth, killing life.

So where will we go – into destruction or positive developments? Does it matter what we do? Is science on the right track? Why are the basic questions about the Earth and life still unsolved? Is there a factor missing that we have not seen yet?

There is always new science – the worlds knowledge is increasing – it is important that we understand what is going on. It is also completely certain that what we know today will soon be outdated – this is the eternal truth. There will always be change.

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