Are you here?

Humans see only a small part of the electro-optical spectrum, what our senses are made to give us. We know there is more, but we can not become aware of this via our senses. Microwaves can hurt you and damage your body, but you can not see these waves. Our ears can hear sounds of certain frequencies. It is hard to be completely at rest as there are  impressions reaching you, making you feel and think.

So our senses tell us only a partial story – there is more – the impression our senses give us is incomplete. Or saying it in another way is that we have not opened up our senses – there is potential of more. We have not started on our possible development. There are known techniques that can bring us closer – yoga, meditation – by letting us be aware of states of the mind that is not there in our ordinary activity. But surely that is just the start?

Meditation is to tune in with the larger cosmos, and we must try to be part of the larger cosmos – the oneness, and that can only be done via our senses. The oneness is felt as stillness in the middle of movement, and you find this stillness via your senses by being in the now – by being fully here.

We must learn to to be able to focus and see what is coming at us so that we can be attentive in the now, to find stillness.

You must start processes in your body and mind and let these processes grow and change you. Your senses must become active, you merge with the stillness and then you are fully aware, attentive and respectful. Now you can serve the cosmic purpose you are here for. You now can cooperate with the cosmos, with all beings, you can really be the servant of the cosmos.

The greater aim of it all is to ensure that the cosmic processes can grow and develop, to show love for the world and the processes we all are part of. By giving your attention to the cosmos you become part of the mystery of existence and find reality. If we withdraw we lose ourselves.

So learn to use your senses fully (we don’t really know the full meaning of that yet) – start the process and it will do you good – and the rest of us too.

(Reflections on reading Peter Kingsley)

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