Pictures moving into video and you can show yourself

Cameras: Mobile phones have them, PCs and MACs have them, pads have them, small electronic wonders, big electronic wonders, they are everywhere – they are becoming better and better, you can do video, stills, mail pictures, transfer, do things on-line real time, become a journalist on the spot ……..

Communication is what it is all about, integration, utility, tools of trade and living, one way, two way, making people come together.

The high quality end  of SLRs may feel competition also from the small and light Micro Four Thirds Cameras that can do what SLRs can do without the big and slow mechanical mirror. They have interchangeable lenses, standardised mounts, high quality electronics. They can now take 3D pictures as well via a two lens system.

The viewer is an electronic screen, pressure sensitive so you can command your camera, optical stabilizer, new and better signal processors, extreme ISO values, aoutofocus, manual handling, intelligent auto, HD video with autofocus ….

And screens for viewing are ubiquitous too: Computers, pads, mobiles, TVs.. Room for some new devices too – putting pictures on to your retina directly?

Future thrills surely.

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