The jobs of the future – your future

You have had it all your life, you grew up with it as a natural component of what you were doing, it has alway been there, you can not do without it.

Communication with others is almost instant, you are connected all the time, when you need information you find it right away, you share, you inform others, you find others fast, you chat  - there is a constant flow of information. You use Facebook, Twitter, Digg…, all the new gadgets.

You have your own equipment, you personalize it, you become extremely efficient. New tools are added when you need them, they are good and often cheap.

And entertainment – on tap of course – you stream it or download it 24/7 – cheap too.

You are place independent – it does not matter where in the world you are – you are connected, soon even on trains and planes. Data of all kinds are available from public and some times private sources.

You are very efficient – you can do many things and participate in a broad expanse of activities.

Security is often lousy – you can be tracked and found out quite easily.

You make your own day – working, playing, sleeping, holidaying, visiting etc. – as you please. You are your own master and want to stay that way.

You are a modern worker – you use all the available tools and technology to the fullest – in the net world.

So you need more money and must find work – in the office of a company. The HR department tells you what is needed: Proprietary systems, security, access controll, systems and applications undergoing development, many technical snags, problems , restrictions without end, careful is the meme. They give you an office where you have to stay when you work – it is not so easy to have people floating around, we must know what you are doing.

You decide to try – it can’t be that bad – after all they are making money. So you try.

And after a while it has become a modern dilemma, it is growing upon you, you are stifled, choked, you are going to do die, you can not take any more, you can not work like this. And it ruins your private life as well.

Not every workplace is like this – but watch it – don’t let let them take away your freedom and creativity.

Doing your own bit – yes have a go at that – it is not easy – don’t give up – it can take many years to realize your goals – never stop following your dreams – there are huge rewards to be had.

The worst thing that can happen to you is getting a job? Think it through logically – who do you want to be – somebody’s servant or your own master?

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